A Soulful Oasis


Treat your body and spirit to a blissful experience at Narra Spa. Narra Spa is equipped with EarthLite spa beds, luxurious furniture, and indigenous, natural and artisan furnishings.


Narra Spa’s highly-trained professional staff are skilled in various therapeutic massage treatments and holistic services


Dial 705 for an appointment.
Open daily from 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Rates and offers are subject to change without prior notice.

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  • Narra Spa Massage

    Pamper yourself with this traditional, full body Swedish massage, using light to medium pressure, to relax aching muscles and stimulate circulation. Your skillful and nurturing therapist uses a combination of long strokes and gentle stretches intended to bring you to the ultimate state of relaxation.

    Duration: 1.30 hrs
    Price: Php 2,500++

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    An extremely effective deep massage, working on specific areas of tension. This full body massage uses firm pressure and cross fiber strokes – perfect for tired and aching muscles. Ideal for those who engage in demanding sports and physical activities or anyone suffering from stress-related muscular tension

    Duration: 1.30 hrs
    Price: Php 2,700.00++

  • Traditional Filipino Massage

    An eclectic blend of Filipino indigenous massage techniques. “Hilot”, as we call it, represents the fusion of healing practices of the major ethno-linguistic cultural areas of the Philippines. This healing symphony goes beyond a typical body massage. It harnesses bio energies of the universe, botanicals and the therapist herself who becomes a medium to restore your balance, harmony, health and wellness

    Duration: 2.00 hrs
    Price: Php 3,000.00++

  • Foot and Hand Massage

    Designed to provide relief to your hands, feet, and calves. This divine massage will stimulate blood circulation and reduce swelling of the legs and arms.

    Duration: 1.00 hr
    Price: Php 1,500++

  • Back Massage

    This massage releases tension in your back, neck and shoulders to help you unwind and get a peaceful night’s sleep.

    Duration: 30 mins
    Price: Php 1,200++

  • In-room Massage

    A combination of full body Shiatsu and Swedish massage, using light to medium pressure, to relax aching muscles and stimulate circulation.

    Duration: 1.00 hr | 1.30 hrs
    Price: Php 2.000++ | Php 2,500++

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