Mangrove Casita

In the heart of a lush mangrove forest lies a serene room, encircled by the majestic presence of mangrove trees and punctuated by the enchanting calls and melodies of a diverse array of Palawan avian inhabitants. This unique casita offers a thoughtfully designed interior to harmonize with its surroundings. As you settle into the room, you become a part of a delicate dance between nature and architecture. Embraced by mangroves and birds, time seems to slow down. It is a place of respite, where one can find solace in the harmonious coexistence of humanity and the natural world.


1 king bed


Not advisable for guests with physical limitations. Some units may require more than 30 steps to reach the casita.
For safety reasons, children are not allowed.
Available starting Aug 16, 2023


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